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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to mentor, train, and empower women to experience their unlimited potential and possibilities that lead to living an extraordinary life, while building a great legacy of wealth and impact for their families, communities, and the world.
Our vision is to create a global movement of 1 million unlimited women in five years or less. Our BIGGER vision is to partner with women and associations in hosting large impact events regularly.
In addition, our vision includes providing one-of-a-kind services through our holistic media, coaching, programs, products, and online/offline events designed to empower women in developing personal and entrepreneurial success mastery that facilitates their brand, message, and business to unlimited success.

Our Core Values

Unlimited Woman Success System

Our passion is to bring highly spiritual, visionary, and ambitious women entrepreneurs together for mentorship, guidance, and on-going support as we collectively empower them to become unlimited and prosperous in life and business. 
We have identified five tenets that we profoundly and powerfully believe can contribute to the support of a woman's overall unlimited success. We are continually developing content, programs, products, and events to support these tenets. Our five unlimited success tenets are:

Personal Success Mastery

The cornerstone of unlimited success for any woman is the healing and development of her spiritual beingness and overall sense of self.

Impeccable Self-Care and Focus

Today's woman is overwhelmed by her work and life demands . We offer powerful strategies and resources to help women make better choices for her self-care and unlimited success. 

Relationships and Community

At the heart of all personal, professional, entrepreneurship development and success is building of strong and grounded relationships and partnerships. Our online membership provides just that. Coming Soon!

Entrepreneurship and Professional Development

Your success is important to us. We continue  to seek and create new information and resources to support your overall success development and mastery.

Innovative Training

We are committed to providing our members with life-transformational information, resources, and tools that empowers women to their highest freedom

and greatness.

Virtual and Live Events

There is noting more powerful than having the opportunity to connect to other like-minded women. We offer online, offline, and live events that guarantees your unlimited success in life, business, wealth and more.

Meet Our Executive Team


Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Founder and CEO

Heather D'Amore



Life Mastery coach



Joyce Mills


Money Mindset Coach